Business Coaching For Enhanced Performance

Coaching For Enhanced Performance offers both standard and customized business training and business coaching programs for audiences ranging in size from single digits to 100+ participants. These programs are offered in half-day or full-day formats and can be delivered as stand-alone sessions or as part of a more comprehensive meeting agenda or skills training initiative.

When individual or 1-on-1 performance coaching may be a consideration or an identified need, Coaching For Enhanced Performance will work in conjunction with that employee and his/her management to create as well as support a customized performance management plan consisting of specific behavioral goals and objectives and a definitive timeline for implementation and follow-up.

With more than 30 years of sales, management, human resources and business coaching experience to offer, Coaching For Enhanced Performance is committed to understanding and supporting your individual and team development needs. Once you have the opportunity to review the business coaching services and training programs highlighted within these pages, Coaching for Enhanced Performance would be pleased to arrange a no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

Stress Management

This workshop offers insight to assist the participants in ...

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Executive Coaching

For the Senior Executive, opportunities to discuss confidential personnel ...

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Fundamental Selling Skills

This session addresses the question: "If you continue to do the ...

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The Key to Proactive
Stress Management
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Positive Self-Talk, Stress Management Book

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Positive Self-Talk
The Key to Proactive
Stress Management

Focuses on stress as an internal pressure; what you do to yourself to cause or create that stress, then provides insight on what you can do proactively to aid yourself in managing or relieving that feeling.

"Positive Self-Talk" examines a number of concepts in relation to how you view yourself, your surroundings, other people and making choices. It discusses how managing your own stress level will in turn assist in ...


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