Comprehensive Performance Management Training Workshops

Coaching For Enhanced Performance offers a number of training programs to assist in addressing and supporting your performance management training needs and objectives. These sessions are provided in standard or customized versions based on your desired outcomes and/or areas of focus.

  • Positive Self-Talk / Stress Management
    This workshop offers insight to assist the participants in managing their stress levels on a daily basis. The course content can be applied to one’s personal life as well as in their work environment and in social settings and interactions. It will address how one presently reacts to stress and introduces skills to help deal with these situations. The ultimate goal is to enable the participants to respond more positively and remain productive when faced with stressful stimuli.
  • Fundamental Selling Skills
    This session addresses the question: "If you continue to do the things that you have been doing, will it be enough to take you where you want to go?" In other words, the participants are asked to review their present applications of several fundamental selling skills, then investigate areas of strength versus areas that may be in need of further development. The course goes beyond "how" to apply these skills by examining "why" to apply them and, most importantly, the types of desired outcomes that can be achieved. Course content includes a post-session follow-up letter and a copy of "Take Off Your Shoes" for all participants.
  • Team Building Workshops
    Teams of employees working together toward a common goal require a complex skill set in order to achieve and/or exceed the performance expectations for their group. In many cases, the collaborative dynamic within the members of the team, perhaps influenced by differences in experience levels, performance management objectives, career aspirations, and/or interactive style/behaviour in a group setting, can impact the synergy of the team and impede or "block" its path to maximum success.
    A number of team building workshops can be customized to address the specific need or needs
    of the team, in such skill areas as communication/listening, leadership, trust, and "think
    globally/act locally".

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