Executive Business Coaching, Training and Consulting Services

Coaching For Enhanced Performance provides comprehensive business consulting and support services in several skill areas including leadership and influence, interpersonal and communication skills, performance management, and executive business coaching.

  • Executive Coaching
    For the Senior Executive, opportunities to discuss confidential personnel issues may be somewhat restricted. Hectic travel schedules, a significant workload, multiple responsibilities within the organization, and a limited circle of peers can all impact the time available to address interpersonal conflicts or behaviours that may need to be modified. These situations can either be related to one's own style or to his/her relationship with a colleague or outside contact. This service offers objective and confidential executive coaching from a behavioural perspective, and can be provided in person or by telephone at the convenience of the client.
  • Management Training
    Today's managers are constantly prioritizing multiple requests, requirements and responsibilities on a daily, if not hourly, basis. While dealing with the demands of such a workload, managers may often have little if any time remaining to address their own performance management needs and priorities. Through a series of individual or group interviews and subsequent analysis, a customized developmental plan will be recommended for one or more members of your management team, including a flexible yet specific timeline for implementation and follow up.
  • Performance Management and Appraisals
    For many employees and their managers or team leaders, a performance appraisal is an event that must be completed on an annual basis. There is a high degree of activity (and often anxiety) around the actual date of the review - then the document is filed and not looked at again for the next eleven and a half months until this event must be repeated. Performance management is not an annual event or isolated activity but a continuous process of development, communication, appraisal and feedback, and recognition. From identifying the critical skills for success to the definition of expected and acceptable behaviours and throughout the introduction and implementation phases, you will receive appropriate levels of commitment and support to ensure the continuous development and fulfillment of your employees and/or work teams.
  • Strengthening Interdepartmental Relationships
    Although working "under the same roof", there can be times or situations when the collaboration between departments becomes strained. In turn, such strain can impede both groups and perhaps the organization itself from meeting intended goals. This session begins by identifying existing strengths upon which to further build the relationship, then looks at gaps within that relationship which, if addressed, would further synergize teamwork and lead to more effective implementation of business plans or work processes.

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