The Key to Proactive Stress Management

Looking for an alternative approach to reactionary stress management techniques?

Seldom does a day go by when the word 'stress' is not mentioned at least once, either by yourself or by someone you know. There are various techniques that can be used to help relieve stress, however, most if not all of these techniques can be described as reactionary in nature. In other words, they are activities that one does in response to stressful stimuli.

Stress as an Internal Pressure

  • "Positive Self-Talk" focuses on stress as an internal pressure - what you do to yourself to cause or create that stress/pressure - then provides insight on what you can do proactively to aid yourself in managing or relieving that feeling to a significant degree.
  • "Positive Self-Talk" examines a number of concepts in relation to how you view yourself (self-esteem), your surroundings (opportunity), other people (collaboration), and making choices (responsibility). It discusses how managing your own stress level will in turn assist in managing or minimizing the stress levels of those with whom you interact

Suitable for Personal or Professional Settings

"Positive Self-Talk" also provides practical examples of stressful stimuli that can occur on a daily basis, and presents ideas and applications that are relevant to the workplace, social interactions, relationships, volunteer work, and many other settings.

"Do you consider yourself to be a glass-half-empty
or a glass-half-full type of person?"

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