Assessing the Value of a Business Coach

Many companies in search of performance improvement will consider hiring business coaching professionals. This is based on the belief that a business coach will deliver on expectations and minimize/eliminate a number of challenges/obstacles commonplace within rapidly growing and/or struggling businesses.

Hiring a Business Coaching Professional – Why?

Assessing the value of a Business CoachA staff of motivated employees can provide added value to the overall success of a business therefore the capability to develop and instil such motivation should never be overlooked.

Understanding what can be achieved through the use of a business coach makes it easier for the company to continue implementing the work of the coach long after the coaching sessions have ended. This enhances the potential for the company to remain successful over the longer term.

What are effective business coaching skills?

Some of the most impactful include:

  • Helping employees gain a sense of self-satisfaction from their work.
    This is not a "feel good" philosophy that lacks any real substance – it can be the driving force behind employees becoming highly motivated about performing their work tasks and responsibilities, and consistently contributing at or beyond expected levels.
  • The ability to impart a sense of true teamwork within the office or the workplace.
    This competency can provide the backbone that allows a business to function efficiently and effectively. Instilling teamwork in the work setting can heighten performance and deliver superior results.
  • One-on-one training.
    Often, newly-appointed managers require comprehensive training and mentoring for their positions. Outsourcing such tasks to a qualified professional might be the ideal course of action. You will want these managers to be performing effectively as quickly as possible, which means they will need the appropriate coaching – from someone who can also dedicate the appropriate amount of time to this responsibility.
  • Supporting or assisting in developing and strengthening time management skills.
    Are your meetings being conducted as effectively as possible? Are assignments being completed timely and appropriately? Are schedules and deadlines being met? Even if the answer was “yes” for each question, these processes could still have some room for improvement.
  • Recognizing and celebrating employee successes and accomplishments.
    This in turn further motivates high performance and contribution.

Coaching For Enhanced Performance – How We Can Help

Coaching For Enhanced Performance recognizes and emphasizes the positive aspects of individual and team performance while addressing areas for further development and growth.

How CFEP can help your businessWe can also help assess numerous facets of your business to arrive at the best decisions for strengthening or streamlining operations.

This is a sampling of our services:

  • Designing and facilitating workshops
  • Conducting one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration
  • Reinforcing individual and team confidence
  • Support in recognizing and celebrating accomplishments and successes

The insight and coaching provided will not be patronizing – it will be objective, unbiased, and constructive. As requested or required, we will identify the root cause(s) of any performance-related issues and work toward resolving those situations through the preparation and implementation of a specific developmental plan.

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