Offers Book on Applying and Coaching Selling Skills

Rocky Gualtieri has more than 30 years of sales experience as a representative, corporate trainer, regional manager, consultant, and business coach. In “Take Off Your Shoes – A Step-by-Step Guide to the Sales Process”, Gualtieri examines the relationship between representatives and their customers, specifically as it refers to the sales process.

Whitby, Ontario - October 25, 2010

In highly-competitive sales environments, the differentiating factor in successfully closing a sale can frequently be attributed to the strength of the relationship, most notably the degree of trust and credibility, established by salespeople with their customers. Business coach and sales consultant Rocky Gualtieri (Coaching For Enhanced Performance) offers a practical and valuable resource for sales representatives and sales managers, regardless of their level of experience, in his book Take Off Your Shoes.

Gualtieri does not delve into behavioural or psychological factors that may influence the customer relationship but focuses primarily on what the sales representatives need to do before, during and after each call – using a customers’ perspective – to set the best possible stage for customer satisfaction and success for the representative. He reviews the sales process step-by-step, from the pre-call planning stage to the post-call analysis phase, and concludes by providing insight for the reader on the skill of maintaining self-confidence and on the use of positive visualization as a stepping stone to enhanced sales success.

Take Off Your Shoes also provides actual customer insight and reaction to some of the best- and poorest-rated sales calls within their own experiences in dealing with sales representatives.

Take Off Your Shoes is a concise, 62-page selling skills review that serves as a daily reference and refresher for sales representatives and sales managers. It is written in a style that is both intuitive and pragmatic, and it offers valuable advice for individuals just beginning their sales careers as well as those with many years of experience.

About the Author
Rocky Gualtieri has more than 30 years of sales experience as a representative, corporate trainer, regional manager, consultant, and business coach. He draws upon his extensive background to provide a unique perspective and a personal commitment to the development and success of his clients and their respective businesses. Based on comprehensive experience garnered from the coaching, training and mentoring of more than two hundred sales representatives, field managers and corporate management personnel, Gualtieri has provided skill coaching insight, performance management expertise and business coaching for the development of individuals and teams in several organizations.

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